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We’ll Focus on Your Employee Benefits, So You can Focus on Running Your Business

Group Insurance

Employers are passionate about their business, growing their profits, helping people and securing quality employees to join them in their goals. The piece they are most frustrated by is the health insurance as they have experienced double digit rate increases, increasing deductibles and frustrated employees. With the onset of the ACA, the health insurance industry has become extremely volatile. Therefore, it is even more essential for business owners to utilize the expertise of Polaris, as we stay on top of the laws, and continually research the best available health insurance option for their employees.

So, how can they ensure they are offering quality benefits, while keeping more money in their pockets and less in the carrier's pockets?

How We Help

This is where we come in. We make sure you, as the employer, don’t have to waste hours researching healthcare, studying benefits, answering healthcare questions from employees, and finding affordable employee benefits when you should be focusing your time on improving or managing your business! Fortunately, we have affordable solutions for businesses with just a few employees to those with several hundred.

Why Polaris?

Did you know that it does not cost you anything to use Polaris, your creative benefits insurance advisors? And it never will! However, it can cost you a fortune not to, by buying blindly or taking that easy renewal.

We work with you in a personalized fashion. We get to know you, your business, your situation and your employees. This will allow us to shop all of the available plans and carriers to design the best plan at the best price. This results in cost savings for the business owner and employee.

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