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Financial Services

Remove the anxiety and uncertainty about your retirement years so that you can live the life and leave the legacy you always wanted. You’ve worked hard all your life, but you still worry about whether you’ve saved enough. Maybe you’ve had these questions like so many others:

Is your Investment strategy protecting your hard-earned money?
Does your current financial plan consider everything you really need when you are no longer working?
How will taxes affect the money I’ve saved?
Am I going to be okay when I retire?

At The Polaris Agency, we vow to:

1. Eliminate the confusion
2. Create a simple plan
3. Enjoy your retirement

Check out our Full Suite of Services

Retirement Income Strategies
Wealth Management
IRA/401(K) Rollovers
Asset Protection Strategies
Life Insurance
Tax Efficient Strategies
IRA Legacy Planning
Healthcare Review & Planning
Long Term Care

Flat Rate Fee

We believe advisor fees should not be assessed based on the size of your account but based on the services and value you are receiving during retirement. Our team charges an easy-to-understand flat fee based on the actual suite of services we provide.