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Steven Knirsch

Steve Knirsch

Steve Knirsch, co-founder and CFO of Polaris Insurance Solutions in Lee’s Summit, MO, with his wife Amy. Steve is a father (stepdad) to three awesome kids, a competitive driven entrepreneur in the health insurance space.

In 2012, Steve had left an 18-year career in the golf industry, 10 years as a golf professional and 8 years an independent wholesale manufacturer’s representative and was taking on a new and uncharted career in health insurance.

It was in Kansas City where he started his insurance career and found the love of his life Amy. The next few years was a baptism in health insurance, business operations and management, and educating clients. This experience, along with hard work and never quit attitude helped to build a growing, multimillion dollar agency.

Steve is passionate about helping entrepreneurs, individuals, families and businesses build the best personalized health insurance coverage, while ensuring their finances, assets and businesses are secure and protected.

The Medicare space is where Steve took the next step as the agency grew he saw the need to continue helping their clients turning 65 years old. Helping people navigate Medicare is what he enjoys along with the learning opportunities that tough cases bring.

Due to the successes of Polaris Insurance Solutions, Steve and his wife Amy have found opportunities to get around the top people in the industry, form strong relationships that look to propel Polaris to new heights not thought possible 10 years ago.

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